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How To Earn Gems F2P

Article Publish : 08/08/2022 15:44

Hello everyone

If you just want my data skip the text and go to the picture

I wasn’t allowed to become a press officer due to not having done any content before this. Which is why I decided to start making some content for myself because I tend to forget what I already collected data on. This my own guide to earning gems. If you are F2P remove the first line “kingdom supplies” and then start going.

Notice that these amounts are based on my efforts during 2 months, where we ranked second in most alliance events and I didn’t put enough effort into kvk. Tbh kvk could be 7000 gems which would improve your “daily” gain by nearly 100 gems.

F2P earning is approx 1000 gems pr. day based over a period of 1 month.

P2W medium with Kingdom supplies alone, is 1316 gems pr. day.