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Compensation? Such a shame

Technical Support
Article Publish : 08/07/2022 00:46


this is just a short note for let everybody know that the given compensation is totally inadequate.

The game was off line for more than a half of a day.

We could not redeem rewards.

We could not get into daily tasks.

We could not score daily points at the calendar or daily benefits. Which means I am not getting 1500 topazes for the 2400 pts target.

Many of us were not able to get a daily login.

My guild was not able to enroll at Guild Quest Events 'coz servers collapsed at 13.30, server time, and the game was not accessible even with the refresh. Even if we were sitting in front of the pc, waiting for a miracle to happen.

I was forced to sell (for useless gold) more than 2300 fading diamonds only because of the update, which kept me away from game.

I had several 100 leaves tickets, which I could not exchange.. guess why? Ah, yeah, because the game was not available.

As soon as I entered into the game, I saw a small note under the tab COMPENSATION which sounded like 'Oh, sorry, we know we did a mess. There you have 2000 fading diamonds and a single 100 leaves ticket. Be happy and remember to say thank you'

In my opinion, compensation is totally inadequate.

I know admins are not in charge of solving players' whines, but I would really appreciate if someone is going to report my opinion to the suitable compartment.

*Puella s.072*