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Critical situation for FTP players (Featured Hero event)

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Article Publish : 08/06/2022 05:05
Edited by amaterasu* at 08/06/2022 05:13

More like a personal opinion/rant/feedback/suggestion/whatever AGAIN.

I chose forums over discord because the post/feedback/suggestion would receive such answers as "not considering" or "not happening"

What's the purpose of all these nerfs? Would you like to give me the answer? Have the whales complained about FTP catching up and defeating them? Not our fault they use miserable hero formations. Angel's Tower was essential. The right use of soul armor gave us a chance to defeat the higher BR spenders. No, the LUCK won't even help in Angel's Tower anymore. That alone proves that LOA3 is on the same side as the high-spenders because they don't want them to go into oblivion.

OUT OF ALL THE EVENTS, YOU COULD HAVE LEFT FEATURED HERO UNTOUCHED. What's next? Angel's Fortune? God, if they touch it...

We were asked to do several surveys. Would you like to provide data/statistics? Would like to see how many suggested nerfing the FH. All that effort that we put in while doing the surveys... 

I know for a fact that if the game developers (any game that I'm aware of) see nerfing in general as the only way, they compensate with something else or they don't nerf at all because they respect equality

Yikes, they do know how to thank us for the "continued support". This might be the last anniversary for most of the community because all we get back is a SPIT.