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Limited Beta Coming Soon!

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Article Publish : 08/05/2022 17:10

Dear Revolutionaries:

We know that there are many Metal fans around the world, and we appreciate your love and support for Metal Revolution. We are currently making some progress on the new gameplay after a period of preparation. We plan to start a small-scale Limited Beta Test in North America soon.

Compared to the existing version, this version has made many adjustments to the gameplay and features. For example, the current ranking and 1v1 will no longer be the only goal, because once defeated, the frustration for one is very high. We would like to see players' in-game goals of gameplay and characters become more diverse. Thus players can have better positive feedback in the daily game process themselves, reducing such negative experiences and making the game experience more interesting.

The content of this version will be adjusted a lot, and we will update it online as soon as possible after thorough testing.

We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions to help us optimize the game experience. A new revolution is about to start!