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Raid Time with Uncle Jabber

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 08/05/2022 09:56

Hello boys and girls, today's camp fire story involves a small battle powered merit hunter named Jabber and his adventures on the K72 server. Jabber looks around for suitable targets and this server seemed the most profitable for his merit needs. This move cost Jabber 4 scrolls! That is a lot of scrolls for Jabber to use for merit hunting. Let's see if it was worth it.

Jabber finds a target and solo attacks it with ease. While Jabber was sitting out and regaining resources he managed to get his HoF buff for seven days. Jabber is in rare form for this invasion. Jabber normally has no HoF bonus.

Jabber continues his way around the map hunting targets. This target had a lot of T1 troops and not much merit. But Jabber did not discriminate against Cobra Coral and attacked him anyways as part of his equal opportunity package.

Ooook Jabber found a bit larger of a target. This one provided Jabber with a nice chunk of merit but cost him nearly 90k T3 infantry. This is ok because it cost his adversary many more troops. Jabber can retrain T3 troops fairly quickly.

The second attack cleans out the adversary, Ssihanna. Jabber doesn't bother to come back to kill the troops that ran away from reroute. Jabber got what he came for and ports away to retrain some troops and call it a day. Jabber knows tomorrow is Castle Siege and Jabber can provoke the enemy to attack if Jabber contests Great Cities. Jabber is so excited he can barely sleep. When he woke up in the morning he discovered he may have tinkled a bit in the night from the excitement.

Jabber starts off the day by capturing a commander for prison buff from a lower powered enemy. ARES33 was the target for this desire and was sufficient for Jabber's buff.

Jabber uses this prison buff to move onto a larger target and get some delicious merit. Old Castle deserves two attacks.

The second attack does the trick and leave OldCastle an empty castle. Wakka wakka

Jabber is able to recruit two of his friends from an old alliance they shared memories, TMH, to join him in rallies. They both sent alternates to provide troops for rallies against these troop fat castles Jabber has shared reports.

The first rally goes very well and it cripples the defense of Messia de 20.

The second rally is very sweet. Jabber's rally filling friends clean out the target with solo attacks because the target no longer requires rallies.

Jabber sees that the KL alliance has 1x whale who is offline right now. It is the time to rally the big guy sitting next to the KL whale. The rally has 1 minute left to launch and the whale awakens and starts to attack Jabber's friends.

The rally hits and Jabber rushes his troops back and runs away. The whale is a bow player and we all know bows are tough. Bows are specifically tough against 3 type troop players.

Jabber decides to take a hit from Nappe and try to capture his commander. Jabber's friend reinforce him with meat troops and dragons and they get Nappe's attention. Nappe immediately attacks Jabber.

Jabber loses nearly 1 million troops! Buuuuut... 900k of these troops are T1. 30k troops lost are T3.

Jabber would have captured Nappe's commander but Jabber is a noob sometimes and today is one of those times because Jabber was in growth talents. When Jabber ported away after the last rally he swapped to growth talents to retrain troops to take a hit from Nappe but he never changed them back :( SHAMMMME!!!!

I would like to give a special thanks to ENL PinkPanter and ENL Petit BoB for joining his rallies.