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My opinion on Anniversary

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Article Publish : 08/02/2022 00:31

Note that this is my opinion/feedback.

This is quite depressing. Actually, I don't know if the word "depressing" describes my emotions but seeing how dry the rewards are in this year's Anniversary event makes me speechless. It starts with an animation - Tabitha opens a scroll that says "Thank you for the continued support". Is this how they thank us? By nerfing the Anniversary event? I don't care about Angel's Tower getting nerfed to the ground or X-Server Roulette's basic spins reward getting nerfed but this one? This is my 3rd one. There could be people and I know there are who have been here since the first Anniversary. They deserve more. We deserve more than an event tab that gives us topaz once we recharge and spend the same exact amount. The newer players get absolutely nothing. The categories are focused on the newest tiers. There isn't even a reward panel for the amount of topaz that we have recharged so far. I'm sorry, but "Thank you but it's not enough support" would suit better. 

The Year's end event mysteriously went into oblivion... Now the anniversary.