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Server 76 merge Suggestion

Article Publish : 08/01/2022 06:39
Edited by gabriellia at 08/02/2022 20:51

server s76 is full of players alts to take events and bully multiple players not only one they started targeting they bully multiple players there on s76 aswell such as Gathran for example, since come back, daily, World chat comments are atroucious they been blocked,also with old game compartments and think merge be good for some active players since 1 player recharges LA only rest recharge minimal this server should compete with real cash players be good make more events interesting than cheap minimum though highly recommend a merge since its very inactive only alts remain thx forum mods for adding the suggestion

Find this particulary alarming 4 months past there actions way speak towards this player and others attitude towards not changed think there comments and actions speak for themselves toward this player on this forum and how they not changed at all and attitude towards others,and pick on this player solely and others find there full of drama give impression there scared this player think they need change there ways how they treat people would like be treated back 4 months there all this hate cause player comes back ? unsettles them ? they also need take responseability for there actions,choices they make not this player fault since come back there diffrent these people have certain view of this player stuck there head that said these players have hate not player though there true colours where shown and currently

PS: i like to mention that rather putting all this hate speech comments below the people on s76 could reword there opinions something like this (we dont get along said purson above and would prefer to not have server merged in our opinions)

but we know it is up to devs in the end

all they had put rather all this hate speech and abuse and waste of energy troll typing trashing another player not mention this gossip hate and all over because the player makes a suggestion for the server to merge pls there and easyier ways of voicing your thoughts opinions than this, this is old news been 4 months my opininon think they need get over there issues with this player move on the other player has and just plays would even suggest the player and the rest s76 leave eachother alone no more posting eachothers business or names,toons both sides, or personal or dead family members such as (April) highly innopropriate and immoral for them or the ,Gypsymoon toon bring up and highly unethical the forum not for this type behaviour is for issues, suggestions in game not hate speech or gossip for s76 thank you, block eachother and leave eachother alone on server let this past gossip go simple have great day every1

IGN: I am pretty

Server s76

Platform: client