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Server Verses Game Play

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Article Publish : 07/21/2021 13:37

Hi, I need advice from the developers of Infinity Kingdom. What options or help is available when a server dies before The Chronicles have finished? Where the factions all have different ideas on how the game is played, where the active players is less then silent/ no longer playing members?

Can a server bounce back? Most have decided to jump servers, but waiting 90 days to take your main account over is just way too long to wait, especially when all 3 factions have limited active players... The events that come as in KE, COR etc tends to damage the server even further especially when the whales dominate the game play.

Where you have alliances not wanting to merge or work together for the sake of the server.

We are finding that with every new server that opens, more players are leaving in hope that the new server won't die. Can the developers remove dead castles/ players , where leaders of alliances are inactive and yet their rankings are still up on the leader board

It's getting to a point where people are finding new games to play, where F2P is rewarded. Where it's a fair playing ground between F2p and P2p..

If someone can reply back and give me answers and a way to save server 62, it will be greatly appreciated. I don't want to find that I've wasted my time playing a game that has no way of recovering or moving forward.