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Tycoon first hour glitch on EST

Article Publish : 07/20/2021 23:04




Never had this happen before with the 1 hour tycoon glitch.

After reset, Events portion of HE had only 3-4 items matching ongoing events.

Did my dailies, refreshed and Events portion had everything matching tycoon, but tycoon not showing.

Refreshed again and Tycoon showed (by this time it was a little past 1 am) Tyc points at 0 though i had run enough for the 1500k lucky rewards. I now have a whopping 12k points in tyc with 95% of my things done for the day .....

Given that tycoon has been pushed in early, and that it did not show in HE, or onscreen, there is no way players would have known to hold off doing things in the first hour. I actually thought i had messed up my blueprint items buying in AP since tyc starts last day and i still need to buy for one more day ....

I really hope the devs are going to take care of this, it's widespread through the servers and is punishing those players who stay up and do their dailies right after reset. Ironically it was a rare case of me being awake at reset for the first time in a long time that caught me up in this disaster .