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Call out--Recruitment
Article Publish : 07/01/2022 22:43

BWB Alliance is looking for a few dedicated players

150m power but we are flexable

We aren't in a top 100 alliance, but they are a little too intense. Seriously, they have spread sheets analyzing everyone’s performance daily and have high credit card bills !

 We tried the more relaxed alliance, but that was constantly disappointing Now we are trying to create the middle ground.

We ARE looking for players who are:

 Eager to play as many events that real life allows. (we play at 19:00 GMT )We are kind of intense about that part because nothing says “I don’t care” like letting the team down in an event

Hit Rebel Leaders Level 4 and 5 regularly

Hit the Alliance Boss EVERYDAY

Join discord voice during events

Keep bubble on 24/7 to protect all your long hours of red dot searching

And have a some fun doing it. We are fairly talkative, so we encourage banter, even if it isn’t about the game.

if you are interested in helping us build the team , reach out to me (BWB)DracoStar , or Senwod at RiverRun in k88