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Alliance Conquest - Super League - RYS vs HOH

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Article Publish : 06/24/2022 07:29

Here we are back in Alliance Conquest - Super League!!!!   It is the second match of Season 12 and we have RYS vs HOH.

The two alliances are fairly closely matched with similar total power, so this has the prospect of being a close match, but as we all know anything can happen in AC, so we will see!!

Let us look at the top power players from each alliance first.



And let us have a look at the stratagems RYS have selected for this match.

So this time we have Passive Stratagem - Alliance Conquest Healing , Passive Stratagem - All out charge and Passive Stratagem - Alliance Conquest Anti-Counter.

I will post the description from the game that explains that stratagems and how they work.

The timer is counting down and we are off!!   It is a race to the first buildings.

It is a 50/50 capture at the start of the match.  RYS have the Tower of the Warrior and their Outpost and HOH have the Temple of the Mother and their Outpost.



The ports are open next.


A change at the ports, each alliance has the other alliance`s port at the moment.

It is Casterly Rock next, who will get their first and get the capture points?

HOH win the race for Casterly! And they also take over the RYS Outpost.

RYS are rallying Casterly Rock, we could do with getting some more points on the board.

It was a successful rally of the Rock and Kaireny secured it for RYS.

Almost at the end of the first quarter of the match and it is pretty even scoring for both alliances at the moment.

HOH are rallying for their port. Are they going to manage to take it? Or will RYS be able to hold on to it?

There appear to be lots of arrows going into the port from both alliances so this might be a close one.

HOH take their own port back and DE4DPOOL has the winning rally.

The Strongholds are away to drop their shields.



It is a swap take again for the Strongholds, with RYS taking the HOH Stronghold and HOH taking the RYS Stronghold.

HOH are rallying for Casterly Rock.

It is a successful capture for them and they once more control Casterly.

  More success for HOH they take over their Stronghold as well.

It looks like they are heading for their Outpost as well.

HOH have certainly been busy in the second quarter of the match.

I start checking round the building to see how many troops are in each and notice their Stronghold appears to only have one player holding it.

Enemy Stronghold is secured, but not for long they rally straight away and take it back.

It is a bit of a ping pong match at the enemy Stronghold, RYS secure it again.

 But it is soon taken again by HOH.

HOH has complete control of the map now so for RYS it is going to be down to getting both of the Mines filling them to maximum before their barrier drops.

Mines are open and the race is on again!

Well Mines went like other buildings tonight, both alliances took each other's Mine.


4nThRax takes the HOH Mine, but RYS are not fast enough to fill it and VladdaShark takes it back for HOH.

HOH generously drops out of the buildings and allows RYS to claim them so they can reach the 60K points score.

So that is it, match over and a great win by HOH.

It is also the end of the first week of Alliance Conquest.  

Seems to me this AC season is going quickly!