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The game got boring

Article Publish : 06/23/2022 20:12

Abbys shop is always the same. hero crest chest 1 is always the same. There are few people playing the game already. They also took those in that chest already. And it's not enough anymore.

There is nothing useful in the cross shop anymore.

Artifackt shop needs improvement eternal spire: logs are getting unnecessarily long. Sometimes it bugs. It doesn't end soon.

The daily boss is almost over. The boss shop is not enough.

Socketing rod and magic socketing rod and energy vitamins are unnecessarily expensive.

final stand is very unnecessary and gives errors all the time. It freezes and we have to refresh the page. There is no place to buy old fairys.

These can also be added to the shops of the diaries.

horse trausure is so unnecessary. old angels are expensive in event shops. These can also be added to the shops of the diaries.

House of cards is a waste of time. Too expensive.

There must be new things in digijin's merchants. For example artifact and stuff like that.

daily stamina is not enough.

silver war shop is out of date. You're constantly bringing in new things to sell, but you're not making it easy to buy old ones.

Your events are always the same. Daily missions are always the same. And the game gets boring after a few months.

Blessed stone is required for upgrade hero.

Hero skill requires blessed stone.

Blessed stone is required for mount upgrade.

armaments de enchant requires blessed stone.

However, why is the blessed stone expensive?

Why is it hard to get?

Finally, you have few shortcuts. The mouse needs to be used excessively. This is too silly. Why do I have to consume the mouse quickly?