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UD11 - FF-ing (yes, colourful, I know ) TA broken once more

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Article Publish : 06/22/2022 19:19
Edited by michibu at 06/23/2022 02:11

Hey there,

We had a game update, and as per (almost) usual TA is not working again. This is a recurring thing after game updates. The forum has been polluted with lots of posts about this cr*p happening, so it's not like LoA staff would not be aware of these issues...

Would it be possible (#Prettypleasecherryontop) to include into the 'game update' protocol that whatever-action-needs-to-be-taken is done right away after a game update (and for all LoA servers)??? Just to prevent every single player having to deal with it?

It shouldn't be rocket science, as it happens for years already and everytime after a few days (and lots of aggravated posts from players) it's corrected.

So if it's a switch or a friggin setting DON'T BL**DY FORGET TO FLIP OR SET IT RIGHT (tyvm ;-)!!

*To the mods: dont take this personally we know you're only go betweens! Just send this 1 on 1 to whoever at LoA is responsible for this. I'd be more than happy to take it from there (in civilised language, promise #crossmyhearthopetodie ;-)) Just please, don't use that one word (you know which one I mean. It starts with P and ends with atience 🙄)

I can see 2 very positive things coming from it:

  1. We have more happy players 😜(resulting in less aggravation towards mods-who-can't-help-it-anyway)
  2. The forums stays cleaner 😏

Thanks guys,

Michibu / ud11-AMOS s.750 / FB