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The latest ranking for GOLD RUSH Vol.10!

News & Announcement
Article Publish : 06/20/2022 11:45

The 10th Gold Rush Event will start soon! Click the link to get extra bonus: (use this link everytime and don't enter the recharge page via historical orders)

🤩Free Guan Yu Shards are Back! Gift packs worth 56,000 ingots? Time to get REAL BONUSES of 10% - 15% from Gtarcade! Store for future and get rewards!


Be AWARE that the GOLD RUSH event is a LIMITED TIME OFFER , but YOU CAN ALWAYS USE OFFICIAL RECHARGE to get EXTRA bonuses and ingots!

June 15 0:00 - June 22 0:00 (Based on the server time). SEA-GMT+8, EU-GMT+1, US-GMT-5.


Generals could visit our Gtarcade official recharge link and claim the coupons and extra free gold after the payment! Plus, ranking list will be announced according to players payment performance on Facebook. Stay tuned! Store the coupon/ingots for the future? Of course you can!


🏅️Champion - Guan Yu Shards*80, Red Hero Spirit Chest*1, Superior Feats Manual*50, Coins*500,000

🥈Top 2-4 - Guan Yu Shards*60, Red Hero Spirit Chest*1, Superior Feats Manual*20, Coins*250,000

🥉Top 5-10 - Guan Yu Shards*40, Superior Feats Manual*20, Golden Hero Spirit Chest*1, Coins*250,000

Top 11-20 - Golden Hero Spirit Chest*1, Superior Feats Manual*20, Coins*250,000,

Top 21-50 - Divine Beast Blood Stone Selection*3, Mystic Herb*200, Coins*88,888

Top 51-100- Super Order Selection*3, Coins*20,000

Participation Reward - Advanced Recruit*2, Normal Gear Material Chest*10

🔗[Event link]


1. The minimum amount to be in the ranking list as well as participation reward list is $10. To be eligible for rewards: for ranking top 1-10, the minimum recharge amount is $300; For ranking 11-20, the minimum recharge amount is $100; For ranking 21-50, the minimum recharge amount is $30;

2. Recharge at the Gtarcade official link: Players who recharge in-game are not counted. Please don't trust anyone who provides you the unofficial link and players should take the consequences if recharging at the unofficial link.

3. Rewards will be sent in 3 working days after the event is closed.

4. The right of interpretation belongs to the game - Dynasty Origins: Conquest.