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you can not stop your hackers on this game

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Article Publish : 06/20/2022 03:32
Edited by jef*** at 06/20/2022 05:15

sexy mage can not beat me with one hit until an event starts. stats and br is 2 times better then sexy mage. but sexy mage goes from not able to kill me at all to killing me in 3 rounds and takes no damage.that is prof that sexy mage is running hacks on this mage will hit me 2 to 1 on hits and her pet has

hit me 2 times in the same round,now.that's a hack .look at the pictures and ask how is this person able to 1 hit someone with stats like that.......answer is hacking the game. i take no or little damage from sexy mage until the event.then its 1 for 1 kills.this needs to be fixed. i have all but 3 at 13 and maxed out on my wheel and mage is this needs to be looked at and have them ban sexy mage and then look at.2 and 3 they are all friends and hackers.just look at the damage she did to me.i watched it and i did not even hit her back in few of the 3 rounds .that's bs.

i maxed out all i could at 10% no way sexy mage should have 3 rounded me with out hacking this look at this .she is killing me every time she hits me now.with a lot of speed and is like i can not hit her back.she is hacking the game.

i went from having sexy mage not be able to do any damage to me too killing me in 3 or 4 rounds and no damage to her. she is hacking this game.