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More options for forum posts

Article Publish : 06/04/2022 04:03

Hello, the following suggestion is about our beloved BETA Forum here.

Compared to the old forums, there are quite a few features missing.

I would suggest to add at least the basic float options for texts and pictures. We all want good looking text.

The only option to post fotos/videos right now is this ...

As you can see there is no way to get the text left or right of the picture or to resize the picture.

Now let's compare that with the options in the old forums...

As you can see it was possible to put text AND pictures in there side by side. Especially with stories that kind of posting is way more aesthetically pleasing.

My suggestion:

Eiter add this option or, if it is already available, activate it/show us how to use it.

You could allow BBCode alternativly ... that would work too.