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Warring States

Article Publish : 05/21/2022 03:11

have only seen this mentioned once (within another thread) so I will start one now.

when I try to enter warring states it just says that "You did not register for this season".

well, I know I registered and in fact played it for the 1st 2 days of the event (the 2nd day being before the shutdown on the 19th)

so this event is pretty much a loss for me now ... would be nice if I could get the 2k diamonds I spent on extra chances back at least since if even if I get back in now it probably will have no idea how many turns I had left and will never catch up .

As an aside, I'm thankful I'm not a casher , with the amount you charge the people who want to be a TopDog, they at least have a right to expect a little bit more of a professional product.

Server : S754-Genosuke - EST

IGN : BeachComber