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"How to Use Gtarcade Desktop" Video Contest!

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Article Publish : 05/20/2022 16:53
Edited by cocolee at 05/20/2022 17:23

Dear lords,

😍In order to help more IK players understand Gtarcade Desktop, improve their gaming experience and receive exclusive benefits, we are holding the "How to Use Gtarcade Desktop" Video Contest to encourage players create their own Gtarcade tutorials!🤩

If you know how to download and install Gtarcade Desktop, how to bind your account in the game, or how to redeem game packs in the points shop, you can record a video for the contest!

Besides wining G Coins and in-game rewards, your YouTube video may also be directly featured by Gtarcade, bringing you more views and followers! 😎

The official tutorial you can view here:

⏰【Event Time】

May 20 - June 3 (submission period)

June 4-June 6 (submission screening time)

June 7-June 8 (award announcement and prize collection time)

⭐️【Event Rules】

1.Record your original video tutorial, including: download and install Gtarcade Desktop, bind the Gtarcade account in the game, and redeem the game packs in the points shop. All languages are welcome!

2.Post your video on Youtube and tag it with #InfinityKingdom #GtarcadeDesktop.

3.Post in the official IK community's [Guide] section and include your youtube video address and game server information in your post.

4.Contributions are allowed in different languages and each Gtarcade account can contribute up to 5 times and only 1 video can be submitted each time.

5.Submissions that violate the Gtarcade community rules, that are plagiarized from other authors, or that are not related to the event will be considered invalid.

6.If a participant's submission is found to have plagiarized the work of another artist during or after the event, their rewards will be rescinded and they will be banned from participating in any future community events.

🎁【Event Rewards】

Just participate and you'll get a prize!

Participation Award:Gem*50,Major AP Recovery*1,15m speedup*10,Superior Resources Optional Chest*3,500G coins($5)

Best Guide Award:Gem*2000,Philosopher's Stone*9,Dragon's Spirit*1,Heart of Norheim*5,Epic Merchant's Collection*1,5000($50)


1.Only videos whose content matches the theme of the event are valid.

2.Please pay attention to your messages and official reply in your post.