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[Preview] New Holy Immortal - Khubilai Khan: The First Yuan Emperor

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Today I'm going to show you a new Holy Immortal about:

~ Khubilai Khan: The Yuan Emperor ~

Here is the outline for this article :

-------------------- Table of Contents --------------------

1.) Background Story of Khubilai Khan

2.) How to Get Khubilai Khan?

3.) Detailed Attributes

4.) Element & Skills

5.) Conclusion: is it Worthy?


1.) Background Story of Khubilai Khan

Khubilai Khan of the Borjigins was a Mongolian politician and strategist who served as the Mongol Empire's fifth khan. The Yuan Dynasty was founded on December 18, 1271, by Khubilai Khan. The Yuan Dynasty united all of China properly on March 19, 1279, putting an end to 520 years of divided authority ever since the An-Shi Rebellion.

2.) How to Get Khubilai Khan

Khubilai Khan is obtainable in Theia Roulette Season 3.

3.) Detailed Attributes

4.) Element, Skills, and Troops of Khubilai Khan

Khubilai Khan is Holy Immortal with Attack type and used cavalry as his troops. This Immortal is more suitable for Holy users compared to Yulius Caesar. 

Skill Description

This skill can increase physical damage received up to 30% and can be stacked up to 3 times for 9 seconds, it means he can increase a huge amount of damage!

Skill Upgrade Preview

5) Conclusion: is it Worthy?

Khubilai Khan is one of the Holy Immortals, it means this Immortal is only accessible by Exclusive Players. These Immortals can be mixed with Manco to make him deal more damage, or you can mix them with other Immortals such as Genghis Khan!

Thank you for reading my article, I hope this article can assist you to find out about the latest Immortal in Season 3+!

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