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Being Asked Strange Questions?

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Article Publish : 05/14/2022 20:39
Edited by missy151 at 05/14/2022 20:41

I wonder what does it mean when the small or other alliance are not being supported? Someone from Blue Kingdom was asking: "What have you done for the server and players?"

It's supposingly in their way of help? #1 Get revenged (help ally to kill enemy) s151 isn't in a good situation where we need consent for most including city? Small alliance are selected or not being supported with current players having not much attack power, how will it be possible to aid ally to take a city (we plan to help but it's close server now?) With on going spy and troublemaker hopping colour issues. New alliance are majority Lv15~20+

The strange thing about it is that, wasn't it suppose to contribute to Kingdom and what does it have to do with server or other players? We can only assist in this case? Also trying best to take city?to