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【Rewards Sent】Brain burning Game - Who is the murderer?

Article Publish : 04/18/2022 16:24
Edited by cocolee at 05/16/2022 14:52

Hello Gtarcade Community!

This week's short story is back as promised.

The first person who completely deduces all the clues will get 2000 points.

10 players who deduce some of the clues will be rewarded with 500 points.

All players who vote to guess correctly will receive 200 points.

Let's burn our brains together!


The killer is 【Miss Lina】

The floor was thickly carpeted and she couldn't hear the killer's footsteps over the phone, so he was lying.

🏆The first player to deduce all the clues was ladyladyl.

✌️The first ten players who deduced some of the clues were


The general manager of a famous company died in a five-star hotel room,Fulmerwood was sent to assist in the investigation.

He saw that the guest room was very luxuriously decorated, with a thick layer of wool carpet on the floor and many world famous paintings hanging on the walls around.

From the analysis of the scene, the general manager was shot from behind while answering the phone.

The reporter is the general manager's female secretary, Miss Lina, she said: "when the accident, I was on the street and the general manager on the phone, suddenly heard the sound of gunshots over the microphone, busy asking him what happened, Dan only heard the general manager dying moaning and the killer fleeing panicked footsteps, I realized the situation is not good, so I rushed to call the police. "

Fulmerwood also investigated that the general manager general manager had a secret lover, but at the time of the general manager's murder, this lover was shopping in the mall.

So, who do you think is the murderer in this case and why?