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【Rewards Sent】Brain burning Game - Who is wearing the red?

Article Publish : 04/04/2022 16:00
Edited by cocolee at 04/11/2022 12:16

Hello Gtarcade Community!

Last week's brain-burning reasoning mini-game was very enthusiastic in participation.

This week's short story is back as promised.

The first person who completely deduces all the clues will get 2000 points.

10 players who deduce some of the clues will be rewarded with 500 points.

All players who vote to guess correctly will receive 200 points.

Let's burn our brains together!


【Little Blue】is wearing the red.

According to their conversation, we can learn that Little Blue is wearing red or green clothes, and the person who answered her is wearing green clothes, so Little Blue is wearing red clothes. Similarly, the one wearing blue clothes is Little Green, and the one wearing green clothes is LIttle Red.

🏆The first player to deduce all the clues was thanksfeanor.

✌️The first ten players who deduced some of the clues were


Three best friends, Little Red, Little Green and Little Blue, walk the stage wearing red, green and blue fashions.

"It's strange," said Little Blue, "our names are red, green and blue, and the clothes we wear are red, green and blue, but no one wears clothes that match their names."

"What a coincidence!" The one in green said.

From their conversation, can you tell who is wearing red?