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Stop Killing Your Own Game - F2P needs fairness

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Article Publish : 03/31/2021 01:46

Hello guys,

I had to post this for my sake and hoping to open ur eyes a little bit.

Stop with those extremely pay to win events forcing people to spend high amounts of money to get the content of the event.

Besides the events, those wings system needs a rework aswell. Low Spenders or F2P will never get past G2 wings, which is non sense.

The status we receive for wings upgrades are ridiculous high and yet, we ain't getting them without spending too much.

I know that probably u won't even read this, but please, once the p2w side of things stop killing the fun of the majority of your player base it's not a good sign.

The game is awesome, has content, but please, stop being greedy! The people who already spends, it's not going to spend less because you manage to create a way of f2p players at least get some upgrades with time spent.

I'm currently playing in A31-Brioul, I'm in the top 10 with Vip4 and especially now with the x-server events, I can see that I'll never be able to enjoy or participate in all the events. Your siege system is not f2p friendly or even fair if that matters.

For the health of your own game, don't start digging your own grave.