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Test Server Update 24th January 2022

Article Publish : 01/24/2022 17:53

1. Persephone skill adjustments [Song of Harvest] - Song of Harvest (2 cost active): Deal 140% Cosmic Attack to all enemies with an additional 6% of max HP damage while at the same time singing the song of the harvest of the underworld in which has a 100% chance that all enemies have their [Seed of the Underworld] begin to sprout and grow and the seeds accumulated damage will be detonated.

[Resurrection of All Things] (Passive): When an ally is attacked and killed when their HP is lower than the maximum percentage of HP that Persephone would protect, Persephone will not take any shared damage.

[Zero Adjustment of All Things] (Passive): At the end of each round, the max HP of all enemies will decrease by 10%. (The total max HP reduced for a single enemy can't exceed 40% (was 50%) of the max HP.