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King of the Babylon empire has appeared!

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Article Publish : 01/21/2022 19:00
Edited by cocolee at 01/21/2022 17:27

Backed by an ancient stone engraved in code, the Thunder Bowman Immortal Hammurabi, king of the Babylon empire, has appeared.

Hammurabi’s skill [The Final Judgement] allows him to summon the Code of Hammurabi, causing magical damage. Every negative effect the enemy units have will cause the damage rate to increase by a proportion.

Hammurabi’s powerful attack helps make up for the lack of magical damage that current thunder Immortals have, making him an impressive Immortal for the devastating damage he deals.

You can get Hammurabi fragments by participating in the [King of the Hill] event. After summoning this Immortal, you can unlock more Hammurabi fragments through exchanging mystery pearls from Mystery Pearl shop in Daily Deals. Please pay attention to the calendar, and make sure you don’t miss out on the King of the Hill event!