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SS Persephone Added to the Test Server

Article Publish : 01/13/2022 17:45

Earth Seed (Basic Attack): 100% chance to plant a [Seed of the Underworld] in the target, dealing 50% cosmic attack and an additional 4% of their max HP. [Seed of the Underworld] stored within a Saint will record all subsequent damage (Up to 90% of the Saint's maximum HP), [Seed of the Underworld] is unpurifiable and remains until the end of the fight, and the same saint can only be planted once.

Song of Harvest (2 cost active): Deal 140% Cosmic Attack to all enemies with an additional 6% of max HP damage while at the same time singing the song of the harvest of the underworld in which has a 100% chance that all enemies have their [Seed of the Underworld] being to sprout and grow.

[Seed of the Underworld]: A seed which has grown, after the planted Saint takes an action, will deal true damage equal to the recorded damage during the single seed period. If defeated, a new [Seed of the Underworld] will be planted.

[Resurrection of All Things] (Passive): While Persephone is present, all teammates (including summonables) will not receive more than 20% of their Max HP from a single attack as damage. The remaining part of the damage will be taken by Persephone, in addition, after each damage received, generate a shield with 10% of the Max HP. (This shield lasts for 1 action and in a single round, can be triggered up to 5 times)

[Zero Adjustment of All Things] (Passive): While Persephone is present, at the end of each round, the max HP of all enemies will decrease by 10%. (The total max HP reduced for a single enemy can't exceed 50% of the max HP. The reduced Max HP will NOT be recovered even if the target is resurrected or deprivation), the lost HP will be converted into max HP for Persephone. (The total amount of added max HP will not exceed 200% of Persephone's original max HP) until the end of the battle.