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Questioning the Valorium+ Charm Ring Of Bonds

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Article Publish : 01/12/2022 01:58
Edited by amaterasu* at 01/12/2022 02:00
  1. Is the charm focusing on the front enemy like Horn of Victory? It's unclear since there's no information at all. Charms should have additional information on whether they're focusing on a single target, column, back/front row, or the whole enemy team. I wouldn't ask but nothing of this charm appears to work.

Additional information - 1-star skill: Increases the wearer's damage dealt by 34%, and reduces the target's DEF by 40% when attacking, with a 40% chance to freeze (Lv. 5) the enemy for 2 rounds and a 66% chance to ignore 50% of the target's DEF.

2- I've PK Battled multiple people. Not once, not twice but way more. I've never seen the charm stun anyone even if their healer/supports are killed/stunned by another hero.

3- I've seen Soulfire's skill "...reduces the target's DEF..." work when PK battled several people but again it seemed like the charm focused on a single target. Never saw the "Reduced DEF" red debuff text appear when using the Ring of Bonds.

Has anyone else been using the charm? Is it working as intended?