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GUIDE - Royal City Battle

Article Publish : 02/08/2021 05:42
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Courtesy of Discord Mod Krul

Royal City Battle

This event is every Sunday at 20:00h (8:00pm) server time; unless it is the first time in a new server or a server has been merged. If it is a new server or a server has been merged, timings will change.

After a server merges - this event happens on the 3rd day.

Each player that is over level 120 and belongs to one of the top 10 alliances may enter this event.

The very first time players enter this event, all begin from the same starting area:

After the first win of an alliance, the defending side enters nearest to the dragon statue:

The attacking side (the losing alliances) will enter the same area as the first time they entered the event (see 1st screenshot).

The alliance that holds the Royal City will fight together to defend and keep it from the rest; or the alliances on the server will all fight against the winners to attempt to take the Royal City away from them.

In order to capture the Royal City, the attacking alliances must defeat the two (2) Mage Towers within the first 15 minute time limit. The defending alliance must stop the attacking alliances from destroying the towers.

Failing to destroy the 2 Towers within the first 15 minutes means an automatic win to the defending alliance.

When attacking alliances destroy the Mage Towers within 15 minutes, they must then capture the City's Dragon Pillar.

This Dragon Pillar must be kept for 5 minutes straight by the alliance that captured it. Each time an opposing alliance (the one who is not holding the Dragon Pillar) captures the Pillar, the 5 minute timer begins anew.

By holding the Dragon Pillar for 5 minutes, or at the end of the event, the winning alliance receives the rewards for the Royal City which they can collect each day for the next week. They will then becoming the defending alliance at the next Royal City Battle.

The daily rewards for the winning alliance can be found under BATTLE LOBBY

Then, under the tab BATTLE FOR THE ROYAL CITY

If the winning alliance holds the city for 2+ weeks, the alliances that do not hold the City, will get a bonus effect that stacks each week the same alliance holds the City. When the defending alliance is beaten, and a new one holds the Royal City, the bonus effects will restart after 2 consecutive streaks.

When one alliance builds up a winning streak, the leader receives rewards to distribute to ten (10) alliance members. These rewards are usually legendary armour chests, though every third win has divine weapon skins included as well.

The chosen alliance members receive the rewards through their in-game mail.

After 31+ streaks, the Alliance leader can always distribute 10 legendary and 10 divine weapon chests.

**Note: the Divine Weapon chests are always MIDNIGHT DUKE skins**

A player can see their alliances' winning streak rewards under Victory Reward in the Battle for the Royal City tab.

Special Notes:

  • After the first Royal City (of a new server) or a recently merged server, the winning alliance's leader receives 2.5K Unbound gold as well as a special title (Imperial Ruler). The leader can choose to distribute this gold to his alliance members through trade.
  • The leader would have an alliance member list an item in trade for "x" amount of gold and then buy it in order to distribute the gold.
  • For example: A leader wins the 2.5K gold. He wants to distribute it to 10 members of his choice. He would ask the individuals to list an item (such as a Proof of Title) for 227 gold. (2500 ÷ 11 = 227). This allows the leader to also keep 227 gold for himself.