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[Feedback Wanted] Vote and Tell Us How You Feel about Update on Jan.26th!

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Article Publish : 01/27/2021 17:51

Greetings Lords and Ladies!

This is the 20th poll about updates and we are looking forward to reading your feedback hence reporting to devs. Check HERE to learn the details of the update on January 26th.

The Awakening System 2.0 is now online and you can plan your awakening freely with the tokens and Books of Wisdom that are returned. Plus, the Alliance Banners will offer various functional buffs and can be displayed on the map.

The display of Battle Reports has been optimized so that you can check more detailed information and get better prepared for the next battle.

The localization issue in map view and Alliance Conquest has been fixed as well as other bugs (as listed in the update notice).

 Please be sure to VOTE based on your true feelings about the update in order to help make improvements. Post your feedback in a new reply and get a chance to win awesome rewards and more importantly, to help make the game better for you and all players!

Event Duration: 12:00, 27/01, 2021 – 23:59, 04/02, 2021 UTC


100 lucky players will be randomly selected to receive Speed Up 3 Hours*5, Race Boots 25%*3, Truce 24 Hours*1, [Rare] Badge Chest*1, Diamond*2,000


Event Rules:

1. Post your feedback in a NEW REPLY.

2. Your reply should include your in-game name and kingdom number (e.g. IGN: Lady Sansa, Kingdom: 20).


1. Please leave the correct IGN and kingdom number so that rewards can be well received. Limited to one entry per player.

2. The winner list will be published and rewards will be sent to you in-game mail within 3 working days once the event ends.

3. Please DO NOT change your in-game name until you receive your rewards.