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How to generate content ideas?

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Article Publish : 12/25/2020 02:38

Those who work on their own blog or client projector have to generate content ideas. Although maybe you hire a part time writer for your blog . Maybe many people can write their own content, it is very important for them to generate content ideas. Because if the content idea is not good, the visitors are more likely not to come to your website and you will be harmed as a result. So content ideas are very important.

The means to generate content ideas:

There are several ways you can do this to generate content ideas.

(1) Question Answer Site: You can easily generate your content idea from Quora and yahoo answer . If you search your query on Quora, you will find a lot of ideas for content. The comment section also follows which people are showing more interest.

Yahoo answer and follow the same strategy.

(2) Redditt: In Reddit you will get many topics as soon as you go to Sub Reddit according to your niche and you can also get many ideas from the comment section.

( 3) Google News: You can easily get a content idea from Google News by selecting the category according to your niche.

(4) Google Trend: You can get your content idea from Google Trend. If you go to Google Trends and give your keywords or seed keywords, you will get many related topics and related keywords according to the geo location. With this you can take your content idea.

(5) Portent's Idea content Generator : the tools at your keywords in the search box when the tools will auto-generate your keywords, and show what you can give the title of the content. With this you can actually take your content idea.

(6) Buzz sumo: In this website you will find thousands of trendy content on social media through which you can easily get a very good idea for content.

(6) Content Row's Link Bait Title Generator: If you enter the keyword in the search box on the website, it will show you 5/6 hours of content idea. Giving you a topic with more content ideas. These tools are quite good tools for generating ideas