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Article Publish : 11/29/2021 04:12
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#1 Do not make multiple post on the same topic or issues

#2 Please provide your In-game name (case sensitive) and server number whenever you make a thread.

#3 Do post your queries in the body of the thread and not in the title. The title of thread is meant for only titles.

#4 No excessive foul or graphic language or attempting to bypass filters. Users who violate this may be banned from forum.

#5 Do not use all caps or non-punctuation sentence.

#6 All threads should be posted in English.

#7  Forum moderators have the rights to lock or delete a thread or post if it’s necessary.

#8 No abusing is tolerated.

#9 Please be aware that refusal to submit required information will result in a loss of compensation and delay in solution.

#10  Please cooperate with our forum moderators’ work so that the issue could be solved as soon as possible

#11 If you have nothing worth while to add to a discussion please refrain from posting. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

#11 Always be respectful, coming on here all aggressive is not going to get your problem solved any sooner. Forum moderators are players and humans just like you, we do not make decisions regarding the game. Developers are not reading the Forum!. Please remember that when you get all aggressive and abusive on here, that on the other side is a player just like you.


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