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Article Publish : 11/27/2021 12:25

I really do not like nor appreciate having to post this in the forum at all when it comes to money issues or my personal business. But, I have no choice since you are not accepting the same card for payment that you have since day 1. I have tried to purchase the diamonds to purchase the 21 anniversary equipment, and it has been declined 5-6 times now. We called our credit card company and they said it is on YOUR end.....the money IS there without any doubt, yet you are declining it. I am very upset since I just got paid today and drove 60 kms to put money on my card so I could make the purchase .As I stated, I have tried 6-8 times and they keep getting declined...once again, my card company says it's not them, but on your end. This is NOT fair, as I was going to purchase 2 10Ks; 2 4ks; and a 2K. Now, I am unable to purchase the equipment and I am absolutely furious!!! This MUST BE DONE today and tonight in order to get it ....this is on top of the extra diamonds with the purchases! Now I have to wait for someone to answer me and doubt it will be 'fixed' before restart. I sent a support ticket and then was informed by someone that support will not answer......great news to hear!! The credit card company says that you are accepting the payments, and then reversing them. What can you do to help me out since it is now 23:16 and I only have until 24:00 to buy them with the extras included with these purchases?? Please, I am urgently waiting.