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Article Publish : 11/26/2021 00:50
Edited by the4sskicker at 11/26/2021 00:52
Hello , is this the compensation from rollback on our server ????, we have missed many things and this is just a lame compensation ....i was 1st in tycoon and they fked my rewards same with Wheel of Luck , beach treasure , craft master , House of Cards rewards Champion Showdown wagers i have won around 6-8 k diamonds ,Capsule Toys (did 25 orange archivements ) 3 days of tycoon (+700k everyday) 2 days of Angel Party (one was rolledback when we almost hit lvl 2 and on 2nd we didnt had Angel Party in Hot events were we could collect some shells ) + my time wasted doing the improvements that they rolled back ,,,, IGN TheAssKicker UD11 facebook