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Article Publish : 11/19/2021 21:07

Hello dear lords and ladies! (☆ω☆)Meows here with information that you may not want to miss! For a limited time, we will be promoting your Alliance recruitment in-game!

Do you want to have your alliance promoted? Just follow these simple steps:

• First of all, come visit us on our Official Discord server and head to #alliance-recruitment channel.

• Send your Alliance information there.

We will randomly choose the Alliance recruitments posted from today until midnight on November 21st.

* Note: You must follow the channel rules listed below.


1) You may only promote your alliance once every 24hrs

2) Your message must follow our general server rules

3) You are not allowed to post a discord server/whatsapp group link in your message

(in the contact person section, you may give your personal discord or info)

4) Failure to follow the rules may result in a stricter restrictions from us

For ease of joining, provide the following information:

Alliance Name:



Leader / Contact Person (In-game):

Contact Person (Outside game if applicable):

Minimum Requirement: