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Legion Boss raid crashes at the end (after last attack) and one can't get out, surrender get the final results since Monday 8 July 2024

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Article Publish : 07/11/2024 03:27

There is a new bug at the Cerberus Legion Boss daily raid/quest. It crashes after the last attack and doesn't give the total amounts, doesn't allow to surrender (so as to be able to exit), one needs to restart the GT Arcade Emulator/Tencent Gameloop android emulator since Monday July 8th 2024.

Please fix this because one can't do Legion Boss without having to restart the game several times (to be able to do the three times).

This is where it stays there without finishing ever.

This is the error report. I have sent two error reports (yesterday and on Monday) but you (Tencent, Yoozoo and GT Arcade do not fix any of the problems, bugs, crashes, freezes of the game). EVEN IF YOU CREATE THEM. WHICH IS ABSURD!

You started the sales promotion/return to the game Recruiting Comrades again. Somehow your game does not calculate the precise amount of activity points of the friends that join your activity. It always happens, I have reported it several times before and you do not fix it.

My activity for today: 180, my two Legion member's activity 180 and 180, this adds up/totals 540, but your game (either to cheat me or because your developers can't add/do arithmetic properly) have 180+135+135=450. I think its so that you do not give me the complete prizes of this sales promotion for today. There is no other reason why your game wouldn't total over 500 points for today.

This is my daily activity:

This is Ozzy-Battl's daily activity today:

This is Rob-Hugyon's daily activity:

They total 540. All three. Your game counts 450. Ninety points of activity are missing.

Please fix this bug because you are cheating the players/your customers that participate in this activity. I am supposed to receive the last 500 point prize, but because the Tencent Developers can't count, or don't code well, can't figure out the daily activity of every player well, I suffer. This is not fair, not right and not tolerable.