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I am curious, did Archangels lost on purpose or Feral really is stronger?

Article Publish : 07/10/2024 18:46

Over the years I have never lost a bet on VB which make it my major source of free diamonds over the years. When a team is too close to call, I won't take the risk, but for the first time I saw Archangels lost but what it more curious is that the overall alliance BR changes at the end. Granted BR is not everything but at such high level play when all uses similar tactics, I rely on BR on my bets. I am not sure if it is a tactical error but it sure make me wonder if I should bet on VB anymore believing all teams will put forth best team to win events instead of winning bets.

Mod need not bother with this post as it is more of a rant as well as I am curious in what others do think. I have to admit, I too am getting tired and since all my game buddies has left and with real life health issues to contend with; I really feel if I should take a break as it is always hard taking a journey alone.