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Article Publish : 07/10/2024 14:49
Edited by unepica at 07/10/2024 15:17

I need urgent help Mod, it turns out that a while ago I entered the game to leave some daily tasks done, check the tree and collect betting rewards on volatile battlefields. So far so good, I realized that the game was freezing too much, but I continued doing my things, I went to the world coup event to use the 1400 wish points I had left. At this moment I realize that I only had 2500 diamonds left, and I did not spend or buy anything with them, it is a waste in this tycoon, plus I had just won the majority in bets, but according to the game when I go to review hot events, I It says I spent 18970 diamonds, what the fuck? It's crazy!!!!! I swear I didn't spend anything, all I did was use wish points on 2 rewards and buy an angel at the tycoon's store. Nothing more, I haven't even added 50k in the tycoon event. Please give me back the diamonds. This was a game error, not mine. I attach some screenshots, one in which I have an R2games account so that you can see that I had almost the same amount of desire points there, except that in that one it didn't happen to me that the diamonds had disappeared. Please. Thank you in advance @silvermistr

PS: I have not received anything from hot events, due to the consumption of diamonds

IGN: Unepica

Server ub83 (Thompson 1093)

Account R2games wish points

more screenshots