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Legion of Frostborne: Storming a gate Part 2

Article Publish : 06/17/2024 12:17

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Understanding Gates and Their Importance

Gates in the Legion of Frostborne event act as strategic entry points that control access between different zones on the map. Controlling a gate can provide an alliance with numerous advantages, such as facilitating movement, granting strategic positioning, and enabling further territorial expansion. Therefore, capturing a gate is not just a matter of prestige but also a crucial tactical objective. This article delves into the mechanisms involved in taking a gate, detailing the necessary steps and strategies an alliance must employ to achieve this formidable feat.

Preparatory Steps for Taking a Gate

Before an alliance can attempt to capture a gate, several preparatory steps must be undertaken to ensure readiness and increase the chances of success. A brief recap:

1.Alliance Coordination & Server Communication:

2. Resource Accumulation:

3. Scouting and Intelligence:

4. Chronicles open

5. Utilizing Debuff and Buff Skills

6. Troop training

7. Coordination and Roles

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The Siege Process

Before any checkpoint can be sieged, the alliance must construct a path of Thermal Towers to the gate and wait for specific Chronicles to be completed to open up the checkpoint for sieging. Alternatively, there are other methods to bypass this slow, resource-draining, and costly process:

1. Tactics: Alliance Leaders can use tactics to place a Thermal Tower without needing to form a continuous path. This method carries risks, such as a cooldown period, and a restricted number of uses within a specified timeframe.

2. Free Thermal: At the start of the Legion of Frostborne (LoF), all alliances receive a free Thermal Tower. This provides alliances with a strategic opportunity to assess how many level 4 alliances they can deploy, allowing them to make the most of this free Thermal Tower.

Execution Phase

1. Timing and Strategy:

Choosing the right moment to attack is vital. Alliances should aim for a time when the enemy is least prepared or during a lull in their defences. Coordinating the timing of the attack with other strategic manoeuvres can also create diversions and reduce the enemy's ability to mount a robust defence.

2. Setting Rally Points

- Proximity: Establish rally points close to the gate but outside of enemy range. These serve as staging areas where troops can gather and regroup before the attack.

- Timing: Coordinate the timing of troop movements to ensure that all units arrive at the rally point simultaneously for a unified attack.

3. Engaging Enemy Defenses:

The initial phase of the siege involves engaging and breaking through the enemy defences. This requires a combination of strong frontline units to absorb damage and powerful attackers to inflict significant damage on the gate's defences.

4. Sustained Pressure and Reinforcements:

Maintaining constant pressure on the gate is essential. This involves continuously sending reinforcements to replace fallen troops and keeping the momentum of the attack. Coordination between alliance members to ensure a steady flow of reinforcements can prevent the enemy from regrouping and mounting a counterattack.

5. Capturing the Gate

Breaching Defenses

- Persistent Attacks: Keep attacking the gate's wall and the garrison until it is breached, so the control is transferred to your alliance.

- Occupying Forces: the gate is captured and in the hands of the conquering alliance

Defence and Consolidation

- Fortify Defenses: Strengthen the gate's defences by deploying additional troops and setting up defensive structures if available.

- Resource Allocation: Allocate resources to maintain and repair the gate and ensure its sustained control

.Coordination for Continuous Defense: Continuous monitoring and coordination are necessary to respond quickly to any threats and ensure the gate remains under alliance control.

- Setting Buffs and Defenses: Skills that increase defence, healing, and regeneration rates can fortify the gate against subsequent enemy attempts to recapture it.

Rewards and Strategic Advantages

1.Unlocking New Territories

- New Access Points: Capturing the gate unlocks access to new territories, providing strategic advantages and additional resources.

  • Control and Exploit: Control and exploit new resource nodes within the newly accessible territories to strengthen your alliance further.

2. Strategic Positioning:

Gates often serve as chokepoints and control points for movement between zones. Holding a gate can restrict enemy movements and provide strategic positioning for further offensives.

3. Event Rewards:

- Resources: Receive immediate resources such as gold, gems, and other materials upon capturing the gate.


Taking a gate in the Legion of Frostborne event in Infinity Kingdom is a complex and challenging task that requires meticulous preparation, effective coordination, and strategic execution. By understanding the mechanisms involved and employing the right tactics, an alliance can successfully capture and hold gates, gaining significant strategic advantages and rewards. Mastering the art of gate sieges ensures the alliance's success in the event. It also highlights the strategic acumen and collaborative spirit of its members.



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