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GoTWiC Arena of Honor R13 M1 House Lannister

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Article Publish : 06/16/2024 23:18

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. In this story, you will hear another adventure from Arena of Honor. Let's go back a bit to the past, before the last story and the battle where Stanko and his team finished third. But this time the main hero will not be Stanko or anyone from his team, but will be his teammate from the alliance and a very good friend from whom he learned a lot and was a mentor, Mirjan.

He wasn't alone, he had the Warblade, a strong infantry with a class 5 army and strong bleed synergy, as well as r1m.

Player who will do the dirty work for them and attack Altars. This time, the match started in the dead of night. A time when only the bravest walk the streets of the city, while most sleep and danger lurks. That's how the three of them were sitting when they heard the call of Arena calling them to her. But for that they needed 7 more players to make it easier for themselves to win. It was not easy to find so many players in the dark. But the road to the Arena is long, and by the beginning of the battle they managed to find players, including two shooters from HHH and GoodLuck2Me from ESa.

Until we all get together, I can say something about the event itself and why this event is one of my favorites. The round lasts for an hour, of which the first 5 minutes are preparation for the match. In the Arena, there are 6 teams, equally distributed in terms of strength, in which there are 7 to 11 players. One player can have a maximum of 3m troops in the Arena. The goal is to collect as many points as possible. And if one team captures the Clan Castle of another team, they will receive 20% of their points, and if someone captures the Glory Castle located in the middle of the Arena, that team will receive 20% of the points from the other teams. It is also very important to keep Strongholds that bring additional points or turn into an offensive or defensive camp, as well as Altars that bring various skills, including increasing trading posts. This event brings great rewards such as fragments for Tyrion's weapons, Battle Diamonds with which you upgrade your equipment, medals for several commanders and most importantly Sources of Honor with which you upgrade the Glory Dragon.

But in order to buy these prizes, we need to be as good as possible in the matches, so let's start.

Let me introduce us as a team first. In addition to the players I mentioned, Spiffe and Orsetis, who will be in charge of the Altars and sending the army to rallies, as well as Isidor69 and RIBOLA, who will attack larger buildings and thus make it easier for Warblade to concentrate on Glory Castle, have joined us.

Among our enemies, Vidoq from the Stark house should be singled out, but considering that there were only 4 of them, it was not expected that they would fight for the top.

However, house Tyrell with eventilos from NoS was the biggest threat to us because he had 5 well-matched players from AIA next to him, as well as house Targeryan with Joejoe, a strong T5 bowman.

We started with the conquest of Strongholds. We took all trading posts to get more points. Our opponents had the same strategy.

Altars began to open. r1m took one but was cleared by eventilos who immediately started attacking our Altars. I tried to avenge him, thanks to my weakness spearmen, but I hit the wall, because there was a T5 infantry in the castle, in which there were 5 women, including Daenerys, who had her crown, which strengthens the active skill even more.

We had to defend our Altars because we started to fall down the list, and most of the others had security while we were still trying to secure them because we had constant attacks from the enemy. I left my army in the Altar when I was attacked by Al Ansar with a spear, but even though they were outnumbered they could not defeat my better equipped soldiers.

We had to leave the army in the Altars to defend them, but my mistake was that I didn't send the commanders with them, and in the fight with KJHSUWS, who had cavalry bleed synergy, they suffered a defeat. The strongest army was hurt by my mistake because they didn't have a leader, they should have been healed as soon as possible, because Glory Castle was opened and an attack was being prepared on it.

Warblade was the first to lead the charge, followed by GoodLuck2me. We quickly managed to fill the rally and it started even earlier than expected. Warblade managed to capture the castle without major losses. That meant a quick withdrawal of other troops and sending as many as possible to the castle. However, 4 minutes were really long and it was necessary to defend against all attacks. The first one came from eventilos, but we won it easier than we thought. He went with T5 infantry which had bleed synergy, however he also led Danny which didn't do well in this formation. His mistake was that he started alone, without the help of his friends, otherwise the blow would have been much stronger.

However, we had to send a new ready army as soon as possible because another attack of his was coming soon. This time he went with women, the same one he used to defeat me in Altar. But he is defeated once again because he could not do anything against 5m with 1m army. 

Another attack that we easily defended was from House Lannister, but with a few T5 players and inadequate commanders, it only served us to get elimination points. We certainly had to send the army back for treatment, because we expected stronger blows. 

Since my strongest armies were in Glory Castle, I sent a few to Mine to get extra points, however I was outclassed by ICE AMERICAN who had very strong commanders that synergized the Inf Cavl weakness.

But it was not time to despair, because our focus was on holding the main castle. After the protection fell, the attacks on him began. The attack was coming from the northeast direction from House Baratheon. Hybrid horsemen, among whom there were almost 1m heavily equipped, attacked the castle and threw out half a million infantry.

We still had enough troops but we didn't have time to rebuild them because another attack was coming soon, but this time from House Targeryan. This was a very strong T5 bowman, fortunately not sufficiently supported by the army, so with only 2m army he could not do us more damage and possibly threaten our survival in the castle. 

This was the last strong blow to us. The opponents surrendered and knew that they were wasting their armies to no avail, because they would not have much chance against us.

They attacked our Altars and other buildings, in order to get some points and a better rank. We defended only those who bring points because we wanted to pass 160k points. We were saving the army for the next match, and we didn't want to attack the others. Holding the Glory castle since its opening gave us an unattainable advantage and a convincing first place.

Our two strongest players managed to get into the top 3. And the first place was taken by Vidoq, who in a better house would certainly have a more notable role and maybe managed to hold Glory Castle. I managed to finish in a good 10th place.

Although we had very difficult opponents, with good organization and command we managed to achieve the main goal. It seems that we had a bit of luck that House Tyrell did not play in an organized manner, because Eventilos attacked the castle on its own, making its defense easier for us. In the end, despite so many problems in the beginning with Altar's defense, we managed to hold everything at the end of the match, which also contributed to our good result.

I would like to thank all my teammates for a well-played fight, as well as the opponents, for giving us a fun match.

Until the next match, enjoy!