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[Review] Server Sleuth: Summary and Analysis of Servers 226 Through 230 in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 06/16/2024 18:09


What’s up, folks? Welcome to my edition of Server Sleuths where I’m going to take a look at each server, five servers at a time, to give you all the details from their rankings and Legion of Frostborne(LoF) efforts to their world chat and activeness. Players are always looking for new servers to jump to and scout for LoF so I hope to provide some information on servers so you don’t have to make accounts for those you’re not interested in. Space Portals are an expensive investment so this can serve as a guide for you to determine which server may best suit your playstyle. I will also be updating the server rankings on the Infinity Kingdom Discord Community as we go along. In this article, we’ll take a look at servers 226 through 230.


💠Table of Contents

  • Server 226
  • Server 227
  • Server 228
  • Server 229
  • Server 230
  • Summary


💠Server 226

Server 226 is a one-colored server belonging to The last kingdom(PRO). The Ydvia alliance has 32 players with a total of 19 million power. The top five range from 242k to 341k with all of the top three fielding Water marches. The number of active players still playing on the server can be counted on one hand. The server just entered Conquest but has not had the greatest success in the first three seasons. PRO ended each season with two or fewer cities and they don’t have any cities in their current season either. The migration limit is set at three million power and PRO doesn’t have enough players to complete COR so migrators will have no way to enter the server. Even the chats are pretty inactive. There are only a couple of messages here and there. Server 226 isn’t worth spending Space Portals for.

💠Server 227

Server 227 is a single-color server that houses CELESTIAL IMMORTAL(VSC). VSC has 33 members with a total of 36 million power. The top five have powers between 318k and 449k. Two of the top three use Lightning marches whereas the third uses a Water team. In the first two seasons of LoF, VSC lost but collected about 4-6 cities per season. In the most recent season, VSC ended with zero faction points and that trend will continue in the ongoing season. VSC doesn’t have enough active players to siege any cities. The last king was crowned almost six months ago, but fret not, there is no migration limit set. If you wanted to come to an extremely dead server, 227 is a viable choice. You’ll be greeted with tumbleweeds in the chat.

💠Server 228

Server 228 is another one-color server that is home to TAX. The alliance has 28 members with a total of 20 million power. The top five players range from 248k to 429k and curiously, the top player isn’t even in TAX. The top three use Water, Earth, and Fire marches, respectively. The server has never retained a single city in three seasons of LoF and will keep that tradition in the ongoing season as well. The migration limit is set at three million power but the last king was crowned almost a year ago. The top player is a rogue and one of the few active players left on the server. I would skip over this server and avoid the internal conflict.

💠Server 229

Server 229 is the most active of the bunch so far. The red-color server is led by SHADOW OF FEAR(SOF) which has 55 players with a total of 52 million power. The top five range between 346k and 463k with the top three fielding Earth, Water, and Water teams, respectively. While not the strongest compared to other servers, there are several players with premium immortals. SOF ended with cities in each of its last three LoF seasons and will continue that trend in the current season. SOF currently holds four cities in Zone 1 but does not have enough firepower to break into Zone 2 or 3 to capture Ymir. The migration limit is set at three million power, but SOF hasn’t had a king for over half a year and they don’t look to be crowning one anytime soon. SOF is an extremely small server that doesn’t talk much. Expected to see only system announcements in chat.

💠Server 230

Lastly, Server 230 is yet another dead server. The blue-colored server belongs to Paz y Gloria(PAZ), an alliance with 124 players with only 46 million power. It means that most of the players in the alliance are extremely low-power players. The top five range from 317k to 396k. The top three players use Earth, Fire, and Water teams, respectively. Surprisingly, their alt alliance has more faction power than their main alliance does. PAZ only had one city across three LoF seasons, but they are having their most successful season so far. In the current season, PAZ controls its entire Zone 1 but is not going to be able to break into Zone 3 despite no resistance from other servers. They don’t have enough players and capturing seven cities is already a major feat. The server hasn’t unlocked COR yet as they haven’t finished the last chronicle.


I would not recommend spending Space Portals on any of the five servers listed here. All of them are as inactive as it gets and not a single one has had any success in LoF. They lack players and the strength to impact LoF much. Most of the servers have migration limits so even if you want to enter, you wouldn’t be able to.


What other facts about servers would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!



Version 2.6.9

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