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[Review] Player's Digest: Weekly Summary and Analysis of Recent News and Events in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 06/16/2024 14:08


What’s up, folks? With so many new recent events and patches, coupled with lots of community chatter, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Welcome to my weekly edition of Player’s Digest where I’ll take a look at some of the recent happening, summarize them in a digestible way, provide some context and thoughts, and help readers keep up with all things related to Infinity Kingdom.

💠Table of Contents

  • Illusion Battlefield League
  • Children’s Day Event
  • Roundtable
  • Summary

💠Illusion Battlefield League

After another week of grueling matches and heading into week five, only two teams from last week’s top five retain their positions. First-place BUNS crushed third-place TOW to knock them out of the top five and BUNS kept their spot. HMB defeated fourth-place GK to keep second place. BUNS and HMB are the only two teams who have played four games and are undefeated. We should get a matchup between the two any day now. SF crawls into third after defeating AVR, KoS earns fourth after knocking down the previous ranked five alliance Van, and VEX slides into fifth after beating DDD from Server 74. This week, we’ll get a match between SF and VEX. The winner will keep their spot in the top five and the loser will drop down. BUNS will battle against Server 170’s IMPK in their most difficult test this season so far. Other notable matches include fourth-place KoS versus Server 38’s SSQ and Server 73’s CUBS versus Server 243’s KoV.

💠Children’s Day Event

Children’s Day Event started on Friday, June 14th, and will last five days, until the end of Tuesday, June 18th. The event is an incredible one for all players. Those who are building Chaos immortals will find great value in the Chaos Selection Chests and the Crimson Moonlights offered in the exchange shop. Spending players can purchase daily bundles that will cost about $500 to get both the chests and the moonlights. Only getting the chests will cost about $140 and only getting the Crimson Moonlight will cost about $50 or $20 if you complete the daily missions part of the event. You’ll get 30 Crystal Marbles from the daily missions and 40 from the $20 pass which gives you a total of 70 Crystal Marbles to trade for 14 sets of 10 Crimson Moonlight. Non-spenders can still get Stardust for free and enough Crystal Marbles to get an Exclusive Artifact Selection Chest. The event is one of the easiest to complete compared to some of the others throughout the year and the rewards are easy to obtain.


In a recent roundtable discussion between game developers and 14 player representatives, the designers shared upcoming updates and provided insight into the game’s future. Most notably, players have been itching for the inevitable C60 update and it was revealed that the update will come in the latter half of this year. The other major news is that KvK is getting a massive revamp next season. Instead of eight servers, KvK will feature four factions that occupy the four corners of the Legion of Frostborne map where the top 8 alliances will get randomly placed while other alliances can pick their factions. Regional alliances will be able to create allies in their federations. The new KvK shop will also feature new skills and immortals that will help bridge the gap between low-spenders and high-spenders. Additionally, current events are being considered for a revamp in the future and new modes like 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 battlefields that will provide practice combat sessions are also being considered. The new events will also gradually give players an increased number of speedups to help new and low-spenders catch up and progress more quickly. New players will also be able to get epic immortals more easily and exclusive artifacts quickly. The goal is to keep players engaged and interested, and aimed towards player retention. While many changes are on the horizon, it will take some time and gradual updates to incorporate player feedback into the game.


After four weeks of IBL matches, three of the top five dropped down in the rankings. BUNS and HMB retain first and second. SF is third, KoS follows closely in fourth, and VEX controls fifth. This week will determine which one of SF and VEX keeps their slot. KoS will also be tested against SSQ who might be in the top five next week should they win their match. Children’s Day makes its way around Norheim again where players can exchange event items for Stardust, Chaos Selection Chests, and Crimson Moonlight. In addition to KvK updates and changes, game designers also revealed their plans for the future, including revamps to events, new modes, and plans to keep players interested.

What other news would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!


Version 2.6.9

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