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[Review] Analysis of SoN vs BAD in IBL in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 06/16/2024 11:06


What’s up, folks? Welcome back to my Illusion Battlefield(IB) series where I take a closer look at different matches. IB is different from the IB League tournament in that you will use your normal teams, skill sets, talents, and decoration skins so strength is extremely relevant. The mode is also much slower-paced. Relocations and marching speed are slower. The event is one of the most entertaining events in Infinity Kingdom that players enjoy spectating, almost like a sporting event. In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at the Week Four match between Server 180’s Saviors of Norheim(SoN) and Server 253’s Bad Company(BAD). SoN’s positions in this match will be denoted in yellow while BAD’s will be in red.

💠Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Starting Positions and Talents
  • SoN
  • BAD
  • Tower 1
  • Tower 4
  • Central Tower
  • Altars
  • Home Towers
  • Play-by-Play
  • Summary


SoN and BAD both had 2-1 records coming into this match. Neither team made the playoffs last season, but whoever wins this game has a far better chance to enter the top 64 and the loser will have a tougher time and an uphill battle to climb. Neither teams are particularly good at IBL and both alliances are relatively unknown. They have a similar number of players joining each match and it should be a relatively close match.

💠Starting Positions and Talents


  • Started with 15 players and ended with 22
  • 4 Attack talents
  • 9 Defense talents
  • 2 Support talents


  • Started with 19 players and ended with 28
  • 10 Attack talents
  • 8 Defense talents
  • 1 Support talents

💠Tower 1

SoN sent six players to Tower 1 while BAD only sent two. SoN’s relocations are a disaster. There isn’t any direction or semblance of teamwork. All of the relocations are scattered around the tower with only one player next to it. SoN can take their game to the next level just by simply using alliance markers and helping players understand approximately where they should relocate to. BAD’s relocations aren’t great either. Sending only a few players to a tower is fine when both teams have scarce numbers but they need to be closer to each other so they can garrison each other and take advantage of SoN’s poor relocations.

💠Tower 4

SoN sent six players to Tower 4 with one player overlapping two others. BAD sent seven players with one overlap. SoN’s relocations are much closer and more compact than those at Tower 1. The player overlapping two teammates should cancel his relocation immediately. BAD’s relocations are comparatively fine as well. They have at least one other teammate next to each other and they are all fairly close to the tower.

💠Central Tower

BAD sent four players to the center while SoN only sent one. BAD decided to relocate to the top side of the tower instead of the left where they could arrive faster. Like the other towers, BAD should relocate right next to the tower instead of being a unit or two away.


BAD relocated one player to the Sun Altar and SoN didn’t send anyone to the Moon Altar.

💠Home Towers

Both teams had one guard at their respective home towers.


At Tower 1, SoN went right for the tower with so many more players. SoN got a few attacks in when the BAD players tried to go for the tower. Once that happened, BAD stopped trying to defend or take the tower. More teams should do this more often. If you see a player send all four troops to a target or a tower, send all your marches to hit them. If they’re not quick enough to instant recall, they’ll take a huge prosperity hit. SoN managed to capture the tower at five minutes and BAD started sending more players to the tower. BAD didn’t garrison or rally, but SoN was diligent in doing so. They even destroyed relocations that they could reach. SoN could have used their own relocations to block BAD’s relocations that were further away.

At Tower 4, two SoN players canceled their relocations and BAD destroyed another. This gave BAD a two-person advantage. Both teams tried to relocate more players to the tower but they did well blocking each other. The teams traded rallies back and forth for a while until BAD overwhelmed and surrounded all of the SoN players. After a tedious grind, BAD seized the tower at the 16-minute mark.

In the center, BAD had four players to SoN’s one and it wasn’t even close. BAD was winning solo attacks decidedly and easily cleared the single player from the vicinity. BAD captured the tower at 13 minutes while having nearly half the team surrounding the tower. In my opinion, that’s a big mistake. Even if SoN is sending two or three players to the middle, six players are sufficient to clear their relocations or block them. The extra BAD players should move to Tower 4 to take the tower more quickly or go to Tower 1 to reinforce their teammates.

20 minutes into the match, SoN secured their home tower and Tower 1 while BAD had control of the other three towers. SoN was up merely 2,000 points due to their early efforts at Tower 1 and Tower 4 but BAD was generating 15 more points per second and it was only a matter of time before BAD overtook SoN. A couple of SoN players moved to BAD’s home tower while BAD players from the center and Tower 4 moved to SoN’s Tower 1. BAD’s players from their spawn easily defended their home tower. Meanwhile, BAD left all but one player at Tower 4 and SoN recognized an opportunity to strike. One SoN player moved to Tower 4 and zeroed the enemy. He created a pocket of time where he could take the tower but unfortunately, he misplayed. BAD relocated four players to deal with him and he didn’t recall three marches from the tower to destroy their relocations or block one of their relocations with his own. His attempt was quelled.

On the other side of the map, BAD sent seven players to Tower 1 and was able to steal the tower right under SoN’s nose. Despite having seven players themselves, all of SoN was too far from the tower and focused too much on combat instead of defending their tower. When you already control the tower, you don’t need to chase the enemy. SoN simply needed to surround the tower with their players and BAD wouldn’t have any opportunities to steal the tower until they clear the SoN players away. BAD captured their fourth tower at 35 minutes and hammered the final nail in the coffin.

With Tower 1, BAD controlled four towers to SoN’s one and was up 14,000 points with 23 minutes left to play. Several SoN players moved to the Moon Altar to attempt to conceal their movements but BAD stopped them in their tracks. Try as they might, but SoN could not muster a miracle.


BAD’s Shawnizzle was the match MVP and they won the match with 100,000 points to SoN’s 49,000. Both teams need to work on their early relocations and strategy. If SoN had better and faster relocations and focused on destroying BAD’s relocations, they could have captured the towers more easily. Both teams are also prone to leaving their towers unprotected. SoN left the surrounding spots of Tower 1 unoccupied which gave BAD a way to retake the tower. BAD left Tower 4 nearly empty and gave SoN a chance to take it. Both teams utilized rallies fairly frequently but almost never garrisoned their teammates. BAD and SoN could both do better at destroying and blocking relocations. It would give them more time to zero their opponents without having to deal with their incoming teammates as well. SoN will need to save themselves first before becoming the Saviors of Norheim and BAD has a long way to go before becoming good.

What else can these two alliances improve on? Let me know in the comments below!



Version 2.6.9

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