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For Honor [KVK 275 vs 276]

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 06/16/2024 07:48

K276 and K275 went to war, causing concern among those fighting in the first kingdom, Chayle, THE WICH, and Shin. They hadn't coordinated how to face this new challenge, nor had they with Akatsuki, who had more ties to Vangark, the king of those lands, who for the first time wouldn't participate in KvK with his friends.

While they didn't lack attitude and courage in battle, what the king offered compared to them was the blue dragon and the strength of his troops and stats, which could overpower almost anyone on the frontline.

Once the war began, the four remained in their alliances, tSB and BTa. The mere idea of rallying was almost impossible; if it was difficult for them to defeat the Night King with a rally of three people, it would be even harder against an enemy who could call reinforcements.

The initial reports from the enemy kingdom were dismal for any aspirations. Archers and spearmen, some of them with T5, with only one person in the kingdom having T5, who didn't fight and wasn't very friendly with those who did.

"We won't be able to handle them," Chayle was the first to give up. Sometimes she could be wrong in her analysis, but this time she was far from it; her words rang true.

THE WICH and Shin looked at each other, searching for a strategy, but everything seemed locked down. Those who weren't locked were the ones presenting to fight, a lancer, Lord Brobi, from the OrO alliance, being one of them.

"He has Daenerys, and he's pure lancer. He would wipe me out," said Wich.

"I'm not sure if I could. I don't have synergy among my commanders yet; I wouldn't win in a rally," Shin added.

"Now we really need Vang," grumbled THE WICH.

Both of them left, similar to how Chayle had left for the enemy kingdom, to gather resources and attempt to secure some rewards.

Akatsuki, who had been silent on the sidelines, understood that the KvK was lost, but he would manage to cause some havoc anyway. While the king often directed him when to act and the plan worked accordingly, before he knew and joined the group of warriors, he was accustomed to fighting alone and had more patience than his defeated comrades.

The next morning, they realized there wasn't much difference with the other kingdom, but being few and scattered across different alliances weakened them. They were now seen as beatable rivals, especially when Akatsuki arrived with a battle report. He captured the same Lord Brobi that THE WICH feared and effortlessly captured another member.

Shin and Wich looked at each other, realizing maybe what they lacked was courage. They could lose, but not like this, without even attacking. Soon after, Akatsuki arrived with more reports; this time, he had launched three attacks, all victorious.

"If you want to attack, go to King’s Landing in K275. Although there are troops there, it seems whoever is in charge is careless," he said, tossing them an exploration report.

It was Lord Brobi who was there, with an army mainly composed of T5 spearmen and female commanders. "I can't do it; I'll be crushed," said Wich. "You go," he quickly added, staring fixedly at his companion.

"Me?" Shin replied in surprise.

"You're infantry."

"But you know my commanders. I don't know if I'll win; I don't have T5."

"What if we rally?"

"But we might give him a chance to escape."

"Then you must attack him SOLO."

The discussion on how to attack went on for over an hour. Both had doubts about doing it, especially if the enemy managed to locate them and launch a rally. They tried to contact Chayle, but there was no response. It was just the two of them and their hesitations.

They decided it was best to have been in the enemy kingdom long enough before attacking, so they could return if someone initiated a rally against them, thus avoiding a disaster. They didn't know if either of them had a blue dragon.

After much analysis, they decided Shin would attack SOLO with T4 infantry troops; at least this would counter the strength of the T5 troops.

Shin and Wich stood side by side; the presence of the latter was more morale-boosting than anything.

"Go for it, brother, for the honor of our kingdom," THE WICH said, patting him on the back.

Shin exhaled and sent his infantry army straight to King’s Landing. The battle was bloody for both sides, and despite tSB's man being inferior in terms of troop numbers, commanders, and stats, he managed to pull through and narrowly defeat his enemy, expelling him from the castle.

His troops quickly returned, wary of being hit and pursued, and both returned to K276, finding refuge beyond the wall until they were safe and bubbled.

They celebrated as if they had won the war. The enemy left King’s Landing and didn't appear for the rest of the war; losing T5 troops was a hard blow to risk taking another Great City solo.

For those two, this victory infused them with confidence. They regretted not having it from the beginning; perhaps the course of the war would have been different, maybe they could have won it. The shadow of the king is heavy, but it can fade—it all depends on them.