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Ashun's 12th round of the Arena of Honor

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 06/14/2024 07:52

On a stormy evening, the sky was shrouded in dark clouds, casting a shadow over the land of Westeros. As dawn broke, the horizon was lit by flashes of lightning, revealing a turbulent, grey sky. On this very important day, Ashun, an strong warrior from the mighty N3O, embarked on a crucial task to capture the City of Glory from within the Arena of Honor. This task is a very difficult one, as only the strongest of fighters have managed to achieve such a feat.

Ashun in the past has managed to assemble a team of 10 incredibly motivated fighters, all striving for the same goal: the capture or in the worst case, the second spot in the rankings. They have managed to achieve the top position plenty of times, but more often than not, they had to settle for the second position, due to facing stronger opponents.

His team consisted of big names such as Tweety, Kayanide and GodofDeath, all of whom have a rich history together both inside their alliance, kingdom and now Arena of Honor. Tweety is the duke of N3O and the master strategist of the event, alongside Ashun. Together they have not once made a mistake in their choices.

Due to their experience in the Arena of Honor, all of them were well-versed with its rules. The main task of the event is that six Houses, each fielding ten fighters, were set to clash for control of the City of Glory. The 10 members had to be ready not only for the City, but also ready to capture strongholds, altars, dragon pits and trading posts that would bring the most points to the team, making them receive glory and fame. The City of Glory was the aim for anyone who wished to get the victory as it was what brought the most points per minute. If one failed to obtain the City of Glory, they had to settle for a lesser position.

With Ashun and his team readying for the battlefield, it was soon time to depart. The challenges ahead of them were something that they all were excited to see and overcome, however, until they reached the battlefield, they were unable to know what awaited them. ''I hope we have a good chance at the City of Glory this time around.'' were the first thoughts that crossed Ashun's mind as he finished putting on his gear.

On the road, the team had started talking about potential strategies and if they should continue using their previous strategies. The general consensus seemed to be for the latter, as they were going to build trading posts, exposing themselves to strong attacks from the enemy House. It was a risk that they were ready to take.

After arriving onto the battlefield, Ashun had a look around the opposing factions, all 5 seemed to possess incredible strength, some of which was greater or on par with what Ashun's team had. The one that stood out the most was the House Lannister, not only was their house an amazing sight to behold, they also had incredible fighters all around. They were members of both MBL and WxC, formidable alliances that were very renown amongst citizens of Westeros.

The task to capture the City of Glory had now appeared to be an even harder task than before. The difficulty made the City of Glory look more menacing than ever before, with its blue dragon staring down at the fighters underneath it, that were preparing themselves to attack the buildings and start the fight.

Despite the thoughts that flowed into Ashun's mind about the difficulties ahead of them, the round had started. The plan had soon started to take fruition. Tweety captured the house with one of his lordless marches, but as that was done, Ashun noticed a very important factor for the future: "It seems like House Lannister is building Infantry camps, we should be careful with our House to not lose it.". Building infantry camps meant that the blows suffered from House Lannister were going to be even stronger than before.

Once the start of the plan was finalised by building all of the trading posts, the start of the attacks between factions had begun. Everyone started attacking each other relentlessly, no matter of which House or alliance one fought for, there was no discrimination when it came down to attacks.

Ashun was fighting valiantly, mostly protecting the own altars against the House Lannister, who was attacking them on two fronts: altars and the House. To be able to resist the attacks, he needed to ensure his troops had the best gear available as the enemies were too strong for them to handle otherwise.

Many troops died in the battles that ensued, the clashes of swords, once deafening, were now nothing but a mere echo of the past, as more and more fighters reached their deaths.

During the bloody fights, Ashun and his team managed to secure many of the altars, occupying the first position in the rankings before the City of Glory unlocked. That position in the rankings made everyone happy, but they knew it was not going to last for a long time. With so many strong competitors for the City of Glory, it was difficult for them to try and grab onto such a prestigious building without drawbacks. Those drawbacks were something that Ashun did not want them to risk having, as he is a very risk averse fighter.

Thus the fight had begun between the other Houses for the mighty City of Glory, whilst Ashun and his team continued their neverending fight on the altars for points that would secure their second spot.

The Lannister House had fought valiantly on the City of Glory, reinforcing it even when the situation looked dire. As expected by Ashun, everyone focus was on the desired building, giving them a huge advantage, that they made sure to take advantage of. The guidance of Ashun behind Tweety's leadership had proved essential once again this round, securing their second spot in the rankings, a feat that they were very content with given their adversaries.

Now Ashun had to leave the battlefield with a successful feat, his fame had risen and morale sky-rocketed, readying him up for his next adventure within the arena of honor. The season was nearing its end, signaling a crucial part of his journey still left to fight in, but that was going to be another time, another time where he was going to try and win it all.