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Waku Waku back in the dragons pit

All-out War Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 05/30/2024 01:59

In the vast and dynamic world of the Kingdom Server 174, Waku Waku, a seasoned player renowned for her boldness and unyielding determination, embarked on a daring venture that would etch her name in the annals of the game’s history. The kingdom was dominated by the formidable raiding alliance known as EXc, a group of elite players who ruled the server with an iron fist. On one fateful day, an unexpected opportunity presented itself, setting the stage for an epic confrontation.

It all began with an anonymous message. Waku Waku was in her stronghold, meticulously managing her resources and preparing her troops for future battles. Her reputation as a formidable warrior had been well-earned through countless skirmishes and many conquests. Despite her successes, she remained ever vigilant, knowing that in the volatile realm of Kingdom Server 174, danger lurked at every corner. With many EXc players renowned for their power, and to make matters worse, many of them were spearmen heavy troops, which will be troublesome for Waku Waku if they were ever caught.

The mysterious caller's message was brief but intriguing: "A player from EXc named BadDemona is unbubbled and vulnerable. Now is your chance." Waku Waku's heart raced as she pondered the implications. EXc's players were rarely caught off-guard; they were known for their impeccable defenses and unassailable fortresses. The prospect of raiding one of their own was both tempting and perilous. After a moment’s contemplation, she decided to seize this rare opportunity.

Preparation was key. Waku Waku mobilized organized her armies, unsure of what to expect behind the castles walls once she scouted BadDemona, she must ensuring every unit was well-equipped and battle-ready, her commander weapons appropriately equipped, her wall defense set to minimize as much damage taken if ever enforcement enough to get caught and trained extra tier 1 troops to shield her main armies as much as possible. Her trusted in the generals which she's has for so long, being seasoned veterans of countless battles, stood by prepared with her armies. The plan was straightforward yet audacious: infiltrate EXc's territory, exploit the vulnerability, and retreat before their any of their forces could retaliate.

As Waku Waku and her forces crossed into EXc’s domain, the tension was palpable. The enemy’s territory was heavily fortified, a testament to their status and martial prowess among the servers. Yet, true to the caller’s word, a single player, isolated and unbubbled, lay within striking distance. Waku Waku's eyes narrowed as she focused on her target. The element of surprise was on her side, while many of the main players will not be online, their usual active time was many hours ago, Waku Waku intended to capitalize on this

The battle commenced with a thunderous clash. Waku Waku's forces descended upon the unsuspecting player, with the scout report in hand, she now knew how to coordinated an assault and overwhelming the defenses. The unbubbled player, was not responsive, giving her clue they may not be online either. With no other options now, Waku Waku meticulously planned out the onslaught. The air will filled with the sounds of clashing steel and war cries, a testament to the ferocity of the engagement, with spoils of the battle easily in reach once

Waku Waku issued rapid commands to her troops, her forces dispersed marched quickly and effectively, with first contact on BadDemona's wall, she clashed with the enemies front cavalry line, inferior to her, though being outnumbered this unfazed Waku Waku, and her Cavalry line and commanders slaughtered all of BadDemon's front line tier 1 and tier 3 cavalry with even breaching through to their tier 4 cavalry troops, with the first battle over, Waku called her troops back in a hurry, ready to regroup and and take a different route of attack to confuse any pursuers.

The triumph was bittersweet., eliminating many of the minor defenses now she can hit right into BadDemona's heavy troops. She knew that the hardest part of her mission was still ahead. Now with clear reports for EXc, any who are on may alert others of the attack, Waku had a narrow window to eliminate the remaining forces, as the tension grew, now relocated away and any wounded from the battle healed, Waku commenced her second attack.

Now with distance away from the original attack location, it would be nearly impossible for EXc scouts to find her and pin her under a rally tracker, which will be the near end for her if any EXc were successful in this, with her troops rage from battle still fresh, Waku Waku commandeered her armies through the second attack, slaughtering any BadDemona's remaining Cavalry, punching through their Infantry lines which were helpless against Waku's Cavalry, and nearly slaying all of BadDemona's spearmen backline which were unprepared for the speed of Waku's army.

Now the cleanup, returning the troops, Waku relocated again as a safe measure, and commenced the last attack, hitting mainly bowmen and any troops which were previously rerouted away from the battle which now had regrouped in BadDemona's castle, but their efforts were in vein, and any remaining troops were slaughtered, and BadDemona's lord was captured, riches free for the taking, and once again Waku finds herself back on K174 without a bubble to protect herself.

the real test was the next fifteen minutes before she could activate her bubble for protection again. In that time, she had to evade any EXc’s counterattack. The alarm had undoubtedly been raised, and the raiders would soon be on the hunt. Many of these players will know about random port locations, and would undoubtable be searching or the many set points on the map. The hunters will be relentless. EXc's raiders, furious and determined, scoured the territory, their numbers growing will be growing each passing moment after any alert. Waku Waku's heart pounded as she heard their approach, the distant sounds of hooves and battle cries drawing ever closer.

As the fifteenth minute approached, Waku Waku found herself cornered left watching the timer tick. The raiders could be closing in any minute, this wouldn't have been the first time she has visited k174, EXc determent to kill her. With a final, desperate burst of speed, she reached reach her sept of the sevens tower, activating her bubble. With trembling hands, the protection spell is impenetrable from any attack, the bubbled encasing herself in a shimmering barrier possible as the raiders could of been closing in.

Frustrated and thwarted, the raiders could do nothing but watch as Waku Waku stood defiantly within her bubble, her expression a mixture of relief and triumph. She had survived the assault and onslaught, and with her protective barrier in place, she was safe, the raiders chance for retribution lost, retreated, their frustration palpable.

Waku Waku took a moment to catch her breath, her mind racing with the implications of her daring raid. She may only have defeated a member of the feared EXc alliance but this is a worthy trophy for her collection, her respect for raiding alliances brought her into the thrilling ride and lifestyle of many other raiders. Successfully evaded EXc's retaliation, her heart swelled with pride as she surveyed the riches she had acquired, as she sites quietly with the spoils of victory, waiting for the next target to release their bubble.