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Arena of Honor: NFI Daunting Battle Against MeNat Shroom

All-out War Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 05/25/2024 03:48

few events hold as much prestige and excitement as the Arena of Honor. And in this match, we witnessed a clash of titans that had been brewing for months. On one side stood a formidable group from NFI. Waku Waku, Savada, and Dreamon to name the few. Opposing them was the fearsome MeNat Shroom from the WxC (World Extreme Collective) sitting east from NFI, a competitor whose reputation for overwhelming force and strategic prowess was well-known, and will be. Despite their strength and resolve, the NFI team found themselves facing a nearly insurmountable challenge, ultimately securing a respectable second place and narrowly avoiding the grim fates of their less fortunate competitors.

The Arena of Honor, a coliseum revered for its brutal tests of strength, skill, and strategy, set the perfect stage for this high-stakes confrontation. The NFI team had long been admired for their individual prowess and collective coordination. Waku Waku, a smaller hunter bulked for events, with her lightning-fast reflexes she is great for quick building captures and fast striking counter attacks, often served as a specialty in countering enemy factions reinforce efforts and their surrounding alter captures. Savada, a master cavalry commander of the group, with his nearly unmatched female lineup, complemented by the many cavalry players including Waku Waku, allowing heavy offensive strikes and strategic captures of core buildings of interest. And Dreamon, the team's leader, known for his sheer power and strategy, capable of absorbing immense punishment while delivering devastating counterattacks.

Their adversary, MeNat Shroom, was a towering figure both in stature and reputation. Hailing from the WxC, World Extreme Collective, MeNat Shroom was a seasoned veteran of countless battles in many different game events, each victory cementing his status as a near-invincible force. His combat style was a blend of brute strength. Though he has come allow, matching with many players from HHH, HARDWOOD where his alts also lay.

Arena's setup

As the match commenced, the atmosphere in the arena was electric with anticipation. Once the opening bell rang, and the first alters opened, Waku Waku dart forward, her movements a blur as he sought to exploit any slight hesitation of others capturing their territories alters. MeNat Shroom faction, however, was ready. And with a calm and calculated demeanor, quickly pushed Waku Waku's attacks with out of their alters with minimal effort, countering with crushing blows that forced the agile fighter to retreat.

Savada quickly stepped in, coordinating their troops to assault upon enemy alters. Under his direction, Waku Waku changed to the house of Greyjoy. delegating and determining expeditions against Greyjoy will prove much more successful then attempting to interfer with the power of MeNat Shrooms faction.

Savada still however tested MeNat Shroom's resilience and recognizing the pattern in their team's attacks, quickly shifted his strategy, using their own momentum against them. MeNat team used their weaker players to occupy and leaving Shroom to wipe out any invasion. With a sudden and ferocious counterattack, Savade could easily brake through their formation, targeting each member with pinpoint precision. Then joined Dreamon, but even despite his formidable endurance, struggled to withstand Shrooms soon to come onslaught. attempts to shield his teammates and absorb the blows were valiant but ultimately insufficient against MeNat Shroom's relentless power.

The Glory City

With the Glory city soon to be opening, and the scores being split between the top two factions, NFI and GreyJoy with 28,000 and 30,000 points respectively, and third and fourth place sitting at 22,000 points at this time. With MeNat Shrooms faction sitting at 21,500 points but are the only other group contest for the Dragon pits along with NFI. And soon with the Glory city opening, MeNat Shroom rushed over to be the first to occupy, meeting a quick counter attack from Waku Waku, but left in vein, as her cavalry met with Shrooms overwhelming Female cavalry lineup which barely felt any damage from their battle against the defendants in the Glory city. 

With Shroom occupying the Glory city, Savada, Ayara and Black Cobra All started their rallies. With no time for hesitation, Savada quickly assembled his allies and launched his assault, quickly hitting Shrooms defense before it could get too fortified with his allies. Swiftly knocks him out of the Glory city, and takes it for NFI, but their battle only begins. With occupying neighboring dragon pits, continual assaults from other factions looking to scrap by with points, NFI is forced to draw focus on multiple points, defending their alters, dragon pits and the Glory city from every angle now. In some cases the opponents who occupy the buildings came with a full rallied force, leaving Waku Waku unable to be the sole counter offensive player, calling for support from her allies.

Not many good things are supposed to last, it was as if as soon as NFI captured the glory city, in the scramble to reinforce the walls proper, MeNat Shroom launched their powerful solo attack, slaughtering many of the troops during the frenzy, and capturing back the Glory city for themselves. Leaving no room for error now, NFI's available leads rallies up as many remaining troops from the onslaught, Though in vein, as if Shroom expected the counter offense from Savada, commanding his weakness lineup on the walls of the glory city, and heavy spearmen to support him, Savada's rally was crushed by the might of MeNat Shroom. and now with many dragon pits to defend, NFI switches focus on the Targaryen factions movements.

The capture of the Glory city left house Baratheon to jump up to first place, leaving NFI to trickle down to third. Though still being acceptable in the arenas, gaining a few glory points, to NFI this will be unacceptable, and seeing the small gap in points between Greyjoy and themselves, they went on the offensive. Before the mines opened, many alters were occupied by the Greyjoy banner, slowly increasing their lead on NFI, knowing this from defending our dragon pits, NFI knew this solely won't win them the game, switching to go on the offense and attacking Greyjoy's home base previously where their alters remained uncontested.

Last ditch efforts

An effort which would take the whole team and more, to overtake house Greyjoy mean NFI will get second place in this honor match. With a still nearly 3000 point gap between each other, the mines opened and the pressure began. Each mine has 2000 points held in each of them, with many scattered around the map, meaning all hands on deck whether defending or attacking others mines it didn't matter. All alters at this moment became obsolete, and the focus on grinding as many points as possible came apparent. Waku Waku, Savada and Spartan more so counter attack any opposition in the mines, while the remaining members of the team held any remaining mines and defended their house.

The efforts pulled off, slowly each mine lose any remaining points, with NFI jumping into second place well ahead of house Greyjoy now who were too slow to react and counter NFI's swift retrieval of the mines points. With the spoils in hand and a guaranteed second place with no interference, Savada commanders a rally on the Glory city, using an unfamiliar troop lineup to him in the last ditch effort to even by chance take the glory city. Rallying Infantry, the army was send. With the match coming to a close, and though seeming in vein, the rally marched forward, and though meeting a cruel fate once they came across the walls of the Glory city, NFI celebrated their second place victory.  Gaining 20 Honor tokens instead of 10, Pushing many up their ranks and Waku Waku even up to Glory king rankings though she is yet to be in the top 100 ratings yet to celebrate the milestone. Meeting a powerful foe who countered NFI's main rally leads, discussion for more flexibility came, the rankings proved NFI as a formidable team, having 5 players all in the top 10 of the matches eliminations, but will their next opponent prove even more chilling then MeNat Shroom?