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Demonic War on May 13th

Article Publish : 05/14/2024 22:40

Dear Players,

Instead of replying one by one of the exact same issue, I will address it all here. The issue itself is already reported and some of you are probably aware that not everyone had the same issue despite being in the same server, so I agree that global compensation is a big no. However, this is just a personal opinion. Easy way out is always global compensation when it comes to the devs. Right now, I'm trying to push for an individual compensation but I'm not sure IF, big IF, they can actually compensate everyone (who had the issue) right on time. Tycoon is ending soon, after all, so there is a chance that the event might be over before they can do something about it.

I know I should say that everything will be fine but I don't want to lie either since I don't know how they are going to fix this mess. I'm sorry. The only thing I can promise is, I will do what I can in my position and keep everyone updated on this. Thank you for your understanding in advance.