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Weirwood bug/hack clear evidence

General Discussion
Article Publish : 04/12/2024 07:56

I continuously insist that there must be some trick/bug/hack in weirwood that anyone can pass high level regardless of the commander powers and they denied it.

Now, I found another clear evidence.

look at the Stage 255.

Fastest Clear: v0iCeStone

Lowest Power Clear: v0iCeHOFFF

All of them are the second account of v0iCe.

Is it just coincidence?

Let's v0iCeStone's spec below

v0iCeStone's lord's level is just 52.

Also, he's power is just 10M.

How did he pass stage 255 with such a weak account?

Do you still believe it's possible to pass that stage with lord level 52??

Also, is it just coincidence that it only happens for v0iCe's accounts????

Again, it is not a display error in Weirwood.

v0iCe did some trick so that he passed high level of stages with all his accounts with very low power.