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v0iCe, Lil Kazz -> Weirwood Bug/Hack

General Discussion
Article Publish : 04/09/2024 08:44

v0iCe, Lil Kazz used some bug/hack in Weirwood.

Here is the evidence

  1. You can see they passed high stage with low power commanders. It may just display error? okay let's see the next screen shot.

2.As you see, v0iCe has gold tier Sansa Stark. How did he get 'Gold' Sansa stark? get the Sansa Stark, you need to pass at least 270 Weirwood stages. And all players know that to pass this stages, the lord level should be 60 or commanders should be awakened to increase their max level. But v0iCe didn't do that. He's lord level is just 57 and he's commanders are not wakened yet. It means he just used some tricks in Weirwood. When I asked Lil Kazz, he said he used some 'Technique' but he said he can't explain it to me. I didn't capture that chat, but I heard that.

Still, the customer service insist that there is no issue and bug in Weirwood. The first screenshot is just display error even though I submit the evidence like this. What should I do?