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Starry Dream 2 days instead of 3

Article Publish : 03/01/2024 00:52
Edited by cla*** at 03/01/2024 00:52

For my surprise i find out today that Starry Dream is shortened from 3 days to 2. pretty nice, i waisted 1100 points for 3k beast crystals.

So instead of making 3 days open and 1 off they did 2 open 2 off, wow.

I know my post will be read only by Silvermistr and no devs so all my swears will be in vain but as an rhetorical question, can those devs pretend at least, they care about us player instead to consider us just stupid milking cash cows?

Please don`t tell me why i did not read the event duration, i never see this event to be 2 days, so never think i need to check that.

I need an compensation of some kind, what is right in this situation.

Thank you in advance

ROBURST DoomstoneForest(S57)HKT